King's Nursery voted BEST nursery in Sonoma County

Voted the Best Nursery in Sonoma County

We did it again!  Thanks for once again voting King’s Nursery as the BEST local nursery in Sonoma County.  In 2015, we won in both the Press Democrat as well as the Bohemian.

King’s Nursery in Santa Rosa

Voted the best nursery in Sonoma County.

1212 13th St. Santa Rosa, CA

on the corner of 13th and Stewart.

Open for Garden Fun

9-5 Monday-Sunday

Pink YuletideA tall cool drink of summer
Voted the best nursery in Santa RosaRoses of many colors at King's Nursery in Santa Rosa
DeffodilsFlower trees at King's Nursery

2016 Roses are Growing! Here’s the List:

AbbayeAbbaye de Cluny’  hybrid tea

about face‘About Face’ grandiflora


_AboveAll‘Above All’ climbing


adobe_sunrise_web_0‘Adobe Sunrise’ floribunda


all a twitter‘All A’Twitter’ miniature

bush and 18” tree


all my loving‘All My Loving’ hybrid tea



altissimo II‘Altissimo’ climbing

always and forever‘Always and Forever’ hybrid tea


america‘America’ climbing

angel face‘Angel Face’ floribunda

24” tree only

Anna's Promise‘Anna’s Promise’ grandiflora


apricots and cream‘Apricots & Cream’ hybrid tea


barbra streisand‘Barbra Streisand’ hybrid tea

bush and 36” tree

baronne‘Baronne de Rothschild’ hybrid tea


bella roma‘Bella’Roma’ hybrid tea



betty boop‘Betty Boop’ floribunda


bewitched‘Bewitched’ hybrid tea

bishop's castle‘Bishop’s Castle’ English

bolero‘Bolero’ floribunda

bush, 36” tree and 24” tree


bonica‘Bonica’ shrub

‘Boscobel’boscobel English


brandy‘Brandy’ hybrid tea

bush and 36” tree

brilliant pink iceberg‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’ floribunda

24″ & 36” tree only


broadway‘Broadway’ hybrid tea


candyland‘Candy Land’ climbing

cecille‘Cecile Brunner’ climbing


charlotte‘Charlotte’ English

36” tree only

cherry parfait‘Cherry Parfait’ hybrid tea

chicago peace‘Chicago Peace’ hybrid tea


chihuly‘Chihuly’ floribunda
bush and 24” tree


china doll‘China Doll’ floribunda
36” tree only


chris evert‘Chris Evert’ hybrid tea

chrysler‘Chrysler Imperial’ hybrid tea

cinco de mayo‘Cinco de Mayo’ floribunda


Cloud 10‘Cloud 10’ climbing


coffee bean‘Coffee Bean’ miniature

colorific‘Colorific’ floribunda
bush and 36” tree



coretta scott king‘Coretta Scott King’ grandiflora
bush and 36” tree



crimson bouquet‘Crimson Bouquet’ grandiflora

'daddy's little girl'‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ miniature

 18” tree only

dark night‘Dark Night’ hybrid tea


dee-lish‘Dee-lish’ hybrid tea


dick clark‘Dick Clark’ grandiflora
bush and 36” tree


distant drums‘Distant Drums’ shrub


dolly parton‘Dolly Parton’ hybrid tea


don juan‘Don Juan’ climbing


doris day‘Doris Day’ floribunda

bush, 36” tree and 24” tree



double delight II‘Double Delight’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree



dream come true‘Dream Come True’ grandiflora


drop dead‘Drop Dead Red’ floribunda
bush, 36” tree and 24” tree


easy does it‘Easy Does It’ floribunda
bush, 36” tree and 24” tree


easy goin'-easy livin'‘Easy Going/Livin’ Easy’

36” two-fer tree only


ebb tide‘Ebb Tide’ floribunda
bush, 36” tree and 24” tree


ebb tide-julia child‘Ebb Tide/Julia Child’

36” two-fer tree only


eden climber II‘Eden Climber’ climbing



‘Edith’s Darling’ shrub



elle‘Elle’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree



evelyn‘Evelyn’ English


falling in love‘Falling in Love’ hybrid tea


firefighter‘Firefighter’ hybrid tea


fire n ice‘Fire N Ice’ hybrid tea


first prize II‘First Prize’ hybrid tea


Fourth of July up close‘Fourth of July’ climbing


fragrant cloud‘Fragrant Cloud’ hybrid tea


fragrant plum‘Fragrant Plum’ grandiflora


francis‘Francis Meilland’ hybrid tea


french lace‘French Lace’ floribunda
bush and 24” tree


gmini‘Gemini’ hybrid tea


the generous gardener‘The Generous Gardener’ English


gentle giant‘Gentle Giant’ hybrid tea


gertrude jekyll‘Gertrude Jekyll’ English


gina‘Gina Lollobrigida’ hybrid tea


gingersnap‘Gingersnap’ floribunda



girl's night out‘Girl’s Night Out’ hybrid tea



golden celebration‘Golden Celebration’ English


golden showers‘Golden Showers’ climbing

gold medal‘Gold Medal’ grandiflora
bush and 36” tree

good as gold‘Good as Gold’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree

gourmet‘Gourmet Popcorn’ shrublet
18” tree only

graham thomas‘Graham Thomas’ English

grande dame‘Grande Dame’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree



happy go lucky‘Happy Go Lucky’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree



heirloom‘Heirloom’ hybrid tea

henry fonda‘Henry Fonda’ hybrid tea

heritage‘Heritage’ English

honor‘Honor’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree

hot cocoa‘Hot Cocoa’ floribunda




Iceberg‘Iceberg’ floribunda
bush, 24” tree, 36” tree and climbing



icecap‘Icecap’ shrub

ingrid‘Ingrid Bergman’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree

ink spots‘Ink Spots’ hybrid tea




intrigue‘Intrigue’ floribunda
bush, 24” tree and 36” tree


jfk‘John F. Kennedy’ hybrid tea



joseph's‘Joseph’s Coat’ climbing

julia‘Julia Child’ floribunda
bush, 24” tree and 36” tree


julio_iglesias_web‘Julio Iglesias’ floribunda

joey‘Just Joey’ hybrid tea
bush and 36” tree

ketchup‘Ketchup and Mustard’ floribunda
bush, 24” tree and 36” tree




‘The Knockout Rose’ shrub




lady emma hamilton‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ English

 36” tree only

lasting love‘Lasting Love’ hybrid tea




lemon drop‘Lemon Drop’ miniature

 18” tree only


livin easy‘Livin’ Easy’ 24” tree floribunda
36” tree

liv‘Liv Tyler’ hybrid tea

love‘Love’ grandiflora

love & peace‘Love & Peace’ hybrid tea

love song‘Love Song’ floribunda
24” tree
36” tree

mardi gras‘Mardi Gras’ floribunda

marilyn‘Marilyn Monroe’ hybrid tea

melody parfumee‘Melody Parfumee’ grandiflora

memorial day rose‘Memorial Day’ hybrid tea
36” tree

midas‘Midas Touch’ hybrid tea

‘Miss Congeniality’ grandiflora


mr. lincoln‘Mister Lincoln’ hybrid tea

36” tree

moonstone‘Moonstone’ hybrid tea

Neil Diamond‘Neil Diamond’ bush
36” tree

neptune‘Neptune’ hybrid tea
36” tree

new dawn‘New Dawn’ climbing

night owl‘Night Owl’ climbing

new zealand‘New Zealand’ hybrid tea

oktoberfest‘Octoberfest’ grandiflora

oh my!‘Oh My!’ floribunda
36” tree
24” tree

olivia‘Olivia Rose Austin’ English

olympiad‘Olympiad’ hybrid tea
36” tree

opening night‘Opening Night hybrid tea

oranges n lemons‘Oranges N Lemons’ shrub

orchid romance‘Orchid Romance’ floribunda

oregold‘Oregold’ hybrid tea

over the moon‘Over The Moon’ bush
36” tree

pat austin‘Pat Austin’ English

peace‘Peace’ hybrid tea
36” tree

pearly gates‘Pearly Gates’ climbing

perfect moment‘Perfect Moment’ hybrid tea

perfume delight‘Perfume Delight’ hybrid tea

peter mayle‘Peter Mayle’ hybrid tea

the pilgrim‘The Pilgrim’ English

the poet's wife‘The Poet’s Wife’ English

the pope‘Pope John Paul II’ hybrid tea
36” tree

pretty_in_pink_eden‘Pretty in Pink Eden’ climbing

pretty lady rose‘Pretty Lady Rose’ hybrid tea
36” tree

princess alexandra‘Princess Alexandra of Kent’ English

pumpkin patch‘Pumpkin Patch’ floribunda
24” tree

purple splash‘Purple Splash’ climbing

purple tiger‘Purple Tiger’ floribunda

queen elizabeth‘Queen Elizabeth’ grandiflora

radiant‘Radiant Perfume’ grandiflora

rainbow happy trails‘Rainbow Happy Trails’ groundcover

rainbow's end‘Rainbow’s End’ miniature

red eden up close‘Red Eden’ climbing

rio samba‘Rio Samba’ hybrid tea

rock n roll‘Rock & Roll’ grandiflora
36” tree

rouge royale‘Rouge Royale’ hybrid tea

_RubyRuby‘Ruby Ruby’ miniature

Sally‘Sally Holmes’ climbing

scentimental‘Scentimental’ floribunda
36” tree
24” tree

Sceptor'd Isle‘Sceptor’d Isle’ 36” tree English

secret‘Secret’ hybrid tea

secret's out‘Secret’s Out’ hybrid tea

sedona‘Sedona’ hybrid tea

sexy rexy‘Sexy Rexy’ floribunda

sheila's‘Sheila’s Perfume’ floribunda

shockwave‘Shockwave’ 24” tree

showbizz‘Showbiz’ 24” tree

silver star‘Silver Star’ grandiflora

sky's the limit‘Sky’s The Limit’ climbing

smoke ringss‘Smoke Rings’ 18” tree

smokin' hot‘Smokin’ Hot’ hybrid tea
36” tree

sparkle‘Sparkle & Shine’ floribunda
24” tree

stainless steel‘Stainless Steel’ hybrid tea

sterling‘Sterling Silver’ hybrid tea

st pat‘St. Patrick’ hybrid tea

strike it rich‘Strike It Rich’ grandiflora

sugar moon‘Sugar Moon’ hybrid tea
36” tree

summer love‘Summer Love’ 36” tree

sunset celebration II‘Sunset Celebration’ hybrid tea

sunshine happy trails‘Sunshine Happy Trails’ groundcover

sunsprite‘Sunsprite’ floribunda
36” tree
24” tree

sunstruck II‘Sunstruck’ hybrid tea

Take_it_Easy‘Take it Easy’ 36” tree
24” tree

tamora II‘Tamora’ English

teasing-georgia‘Teasing Georgia’ English

top of the world‘Top of the World’ climbing

tiddly winks‘Tiddly Winks’ miniature

tropical lightning‘Tropical Lightning’ climbing

tropicana‘Tropicana’ hybrid tea

trumpeter‘Trumpeter’ floribunda
24” tree
36” tree

tuscan sun‘Tuscan Sun’ floribunda

‘Twilight Zone’ grandiflora
36” tree

valencia‘Valencia’ hybrid tea



vavoom‘Vavoom’ 24” tree




veteran's‘Veteran’s Honor’ hybrid tea




violet‘Violet’s Pride’ floribunda



voodoo‘Voodoo’ hybrid tea




watercolors‘Watercolors Home Run’ shrub


wedgewood‘The Wedgewood Rose’ English

westerland‘Westerland’ climbing

white eden‘White Eden’ climbing

white licorice‘White Licorice’ floribunda
24” tree

white out‘White Out’ shrub

wild blue yonder‘Wild Blue Yonder’ grandiflora

wollerton old hall‘Wollerton Old Hall’ English

wwII‘WWII Memorial Rose’ hybrid tea

yves‘Yves Piaget’ hybrid tea

zephrine‘Zephirine Drouhin’ climbing

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