Flowerbulbs are here! Plant NOW for Springtime WOW!

It’s one of the best times of the year- flowerbulbs are here!

Bright yellow daffodils , vibrant tulips, fragrant hyacinth will sprout forth effortlessly next spring if you take a moment to put them in now. It’s easy to set up a springtime show with bulbs, especially when planted beneath cool season flowers like pansies, poppies, stock and snapdragons. The shoots will grow right up through the plants in spring, creating a fabulous double-decker effect – wow!

Let’s go over the basics:

Daffodils (narcissus) are abundant and reliable, the classic reminder that spring has arrived. The brightly colored flowers are most often yellow, but you also see them in different combinations of orange, white and even pink. The shorter ones are often fragrant.

Tulips come in so many different styles, heights and colors- fringed, lily-flowered, giant mammoth just to name a few. Some bloom earlier, some later, so you can extend the bloom time by choosing some of each.

Freesia have a sweet citrusy scent. Plant them among other bulbs or perennials; the flowers bloom their way up the gracefully lilting stems for weeks. Great cutflower.

Bearded Iris have evergreen leaves, and many of the newer varieties will bloom for most of the year. Gorgeous, seemingly delicate flowers are quite large, sporting a noticeable ‘beard’ on the lower petals.

Hyacinth are suited to a fair amount of shade. Full and colorful clusters of bloom are compact, upright and potently fragrant. Great for pots or in borders.

Crocus, usually the first to bloom (in late winter/early spring), look like delicate cups of color sitting right atop the soil. Stunning when planted in clumps or drifts.

Dutch Iris have been a staple at the florist for many years. Make a statement with a large number of bulbs planted ‘shoulder to shoulder’ in a large hole, or mix some into the perennial garden.

We’re also getting the more unusual stuff, like ranunculus, anemone and sparaxis. The earlier you buy, the better the selection, so come by soon to check ’em out…..