A List of the 2018 Roses- Coming Soon

Our 2018 roses are on their way! We offer only top notch, grade #1 roses, potted into 5 gallon cans with premium soil. Feel free to call or stop by and reserve your choices now for the best selection of the season:

‘About Face’ grandiflora

‘All My Loving’ hybrid tea


‘America’ climbing

‘Angel Face’ floribunda


‘Anna’s Promise’ grandiflora

bush & 36″ tree

‘Barbra Streisand’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree


‘Belinda’s Dream’ floribunda


‘Betty Boop’ floribunda



‘Bewitched’ hybrid tea

bush & 36″ tree

‘Bonica’ shrub

‘Boscobel’ English

‘Brandy’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’ floribunda

24″ & 36” tree


‘Brother Cadfael’ English

‘Candy Land’ climbing


‘Carding Mill’ English




‘Cecile Brunner’ climbing

‘Ch-ching!’ grandiflora


‘Chicago Peace’ hybrid tea


‘Chihuly’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree

‘Chris Evert’ hybrid tea


‘Chrysler Imperial’ hybrid tea

‘Colorific’ floribunda



‘Crescendo’ hybrid tea



‘Crown Princess Margareta’ English



‘Day Breaker’ floribunda



‘Dick Clark’ grandiflora



‘Distant Drums’ floribunda


‘Don Juan’ climbing


‘Doris Day’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree

‘Double Delight’ hybrid tea

bush & 36″ tree


‘Dream Come True’ grandiflora


‘Drop Dead Red’ floribunda

bush & 24″ tree


‘Easy Does It’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree

‘Easy Spirit’ floribunda



‘Ebb Tide’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree

‘Eglantyne’ English

36″ tree


‘Elina’ hybrid tea

‘England’s Rose’ English



‘The Fairy’ shrub

‘Falling in Love’ hybrid tea



  ‘Falstaff’ English



‘Firefighter’ hybrid tea


‘First Prize’ hybrid tea


‘Fourth of July’ climbing



‘Fragrant Cloud’ hybrid tea


‘Fragrant Plum’ grandiflora


‘Frida Kahlo’ floribunda


‘Gemini’ hybrid tea


‘The Generous Gardener’ English


‘Gentle Giant’ hybrid tea



‘George Burns’ hybrid tea


‘Gingersnap’ floribunda



‘Golden Celebration’ English


‘Golden Showers’ climbing

‘Gold Medal’ grandiflora


‘Good as Gold’ hybrid tea

36” tree

‘Grace’ English


‘Graham Thomas’ English

‘Grande Dame’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree


‘Heathcliff’ English



‘Heirloom’ hybrid tea

‘Henry Fonda’ hybrid tea

‘Honor’ hybrid tea

‘Hot Cocoa’ floribunda



‘Hot & Sassy’ patio tree

18″ tree


‘Iceberg’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree, and climbing

‘Ingrid Bergman’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Ink Spots’ hybrid tea



‘In the Mood’ hybrid tea



‘Intrigue’ floribunda


‘John F. Kennedy’ hybrid tea



‘Joseph’s Coat’ climbing

‘Julia Child’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree


‘Just Joey’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Ketchup and Mustard’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree


‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ English

‘The Lady Gardener’ English



‘Lady in Red’ climbing



‘Lady of Shalott” English



‘Lasting Love’ hybrid tea



‘Lemon Drop’ patio tree

18″ tree

‘Let Freedom Ring’ hybrid tea


‘Livin’ Easy’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36” tree

‘Love’ grandiflora

‘Love Song’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree

‘Marilyn Monroe’ hybrid tea

‘Mary Rose’ English


‘Memorial Day’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Midas Touch’ hybrid tea

‘Miss Congeniality’ grandiflora

 bush & 36″ tree


‘Mister Lincoln’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree


 ‘Molineux’ English

 36″ tree


‘Moonstone’ hybrid tea


‘Neil Diamond’ hybrid tea


‘Neptune’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘New Dawn’ climbing

  ‘New Zealand’ hybrid tea



‘Night Owl’ climbing

‘Octoberfest’ grandiflora

‘Oh My!’ floribunda

24” & 36″ tree

‘Olympiad’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Oranges ‘n’ Lemons’ shrub

‘Oregold’ hybrid tea

‘Over The Moon’ hybrid tea

‘Parade Day’ grandiflora


‘Peace’ hybrid tea

‘Pearly Gates’ climbing

‘Perfect Moment’ hybrid tea

‘Perfume Delight’ hybrid tea

‘Pillow Fight’ shrub

 bush & 36″ tree

‘The Poet’s Wife’ English

‘Pope John Paul II’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Pretty Lady Rose’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Purple Splash’ climbing

‘Purple Tiger’ floribunda

‘Queen Elizabeth’ grandiflora

‘Radiant Perfume’ grandiflora

‘Rio Samba’ hybrid tea




‘Rock & Roll’ grandiflora

‘Rosie the Riveter’ floribunda

‘Royal Jubilee’ English



 ‘Ruby Ruby’ miniature

 18″ tree


‘Sally Holmes’ climbing

‘Scentimental’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree

‘Secret’ hybrid tea

‘Sedona’ hybrid tea

‘Sexy Rexy’ floribunda

‘Sheila’s Perfume’ floribunda

‘Shockwave’ floribunda

24″ tree

‘Showbiz’ floribunda

24” tree

‘Sky’s the Limit’ climbing

‘Sparkle & Shine’ floribunda


‘St. Patrick’ hybrid tea


‘Stainless Steel’ hybrid tea

‘Strawberry Hill’ English


‘Strike It Rich’ grandiflora

‘Sugar Moon’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree

‘Sunset Celebration’ hybrid tea

‘Sunsprite’ floribunda

bush & 36″ tree

‘Take it Easy’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree

‘Tamora” English



‘Teasing Georgia’ English

‘Tess of the D’urbervilles’ English

‘Tiffany’ hybrid tea

‘Top Gun’ shrub



‘Tropical Lightning’ climbing

‘Tropicana’ hybrid tea

‘Trumpeter’ floribunda

bush & 36” tree

‘Twilight Zone’ grandiflora

bush & 36” tree

‘Vavoom’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree


‘Veteran’s Honor’ hybrid tea



‘Violet’s Pride’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree

‘Westerland’ climbing

 ‘White Dawn’ climbing


‘White Licorice’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree

‘Windermere’ English

‘Wollerton Old Hall’ English


‘Zephirine Drouhin’ climbing

Sweet Daphne are In Stock Now!

smells amazing!

It’s that time of year- fragrant Daphne is here.

We have lots of these old-fashioned beauties in stock right now, good-sized plants just loaded with flowerbuds.

I can’t get enough of the potently fragrant flower clusters, reminiscent of citrus blooms. Mmmmm- heavenly! I cut new bouquets every few days, putting them where the scent can be enjoyed the most. I’ll even bring some along when I go to visit friends and neighbors- perfect little hostess gifts.

There are more reasons to love this old-fashioned beauty than just the flowers:

Deer resistance. This is one plant that is reliably impervious to deer, regardless of where you live.Yay! No spray!

Drought tolerance. Not only is daphne tolerant of drought, but it requires low water (especially in the summer months). Wow, no problem- I like to keep that water bill down.

Evergreen. The glossy leaves are showy on their own, true green with nicely contrasting cream margins. Each leaf is somewhat different than the next, so you’ll see variations in the pattern of color.It really pops next to deeper tones- I have it against a dark wooden fence.

Daphne is a moderate grower, topping out at about 4’X4′ over time. It does well in a fair amount of shade, but also in a fair amount of sun, so where you plant will perhaps depend more on daphne’s water needs than the sun exposure. I have mine planted beside my front walkway, to best enjoy the delicious fragrance.

We have a great selection of big healthy daphne plants right now, so stop by.

Hello, Gorgeous!



Hot Color for the Cool Season- Plant Now

It’s nigh time to put in fresh color! This time of year is great for replacing those tired summer bloomers with a variety of cold-loving plants…

Iceland poppies

Start things off just like you would in spring, by adding a fresh layer of compost to beds and in-ground planting areas. This will refresh the nutrients in the soil that were depleted this summer. If you are planting in pots it is wise to use all new Potting soil right from the bag. Regardless of where you plant, it helps to mix in a little  Starter fertilizer like Masterstart to get the roots stimulated.

anemones in mixed plantings

There are lots of beautiful winter-blooming plants that do well here, and will give you nonstop color all the way into next spring- pansies, poppies, violas, flowering kale and cabbage, calendula, primrose, cyclamen and more.

 We love to use these reliable bloomers in our fabulous mixed pots with bulbs beneath. For a lush look, plant something upright along with mounding and trailing plants to give a 3-dimensional effect. If you want it over the top like we do at King’s, make sure and stash flowerbulbs in the soil underneath so, come spring, they will sprout right up through the plants above to create a stunning double-decked flower arrangement.


Make a bold show of color in the ground and along borders by planting one kind of plant en masse, or put in groups of flowering plants near perennials to add splashes of color to established plantings. Underplant the rose garden for some action while the roses are dormant- plants will be full and colorful beneath when the roses bloom again in spring.

Just remember: you don’t have to wait until spring to enjoy beautiful flowers- plant now!

cyclamen for days







Flowerbulbs are here! Plant NOW for Springtime WOW!

It’s one of the best times of the year- flowerbulbs are here!

Bright yellow daffodils , vibrant tulips, fragrant hyacinth will sprout forth effortlessly next spring if you take a moment to put them in now. It’s easy to set up a springtime show with bulbs, especially when planted beneath cool season flowers like pansies, poppies, stock and snapdragons. The shoots will grow right up through the plants in spring, creating a fabulous double-decker effect – wow!

Let’s go over the basics:

Daffodils (narcissus) are abundant and reliable, the classic reminder that spring has arrived. The brightly colored flowers are most often yellow, but you also see them in different combinations of orange, white and even pink. The shorter ones are often fragrant.

Tulips come in so many different styles, heights and colors- fringed, lily-flowered, giant mammoth just to name a few. Some bloom earlier, some later, so you can extend the bloom time by choosing some of each.

Freesia have a sweet citrusy scent. Plant them among other bulbs or perennials; the flowers bloom their way up the gracefully lilting stems for weeks. Great cutflower.

Bearded Iris have evergreen leaves, and many of the newer varieties will bloom for most of the year. Gorgeous, seemingly delicate flowers are quite large, sporting a noticeable ‘beard’ on the lower petals.

Hyacinth are suited to a fair amount of shade. Full and colorful clusters of bloom are compact, upright and potently fragrant. Great for pots or in borders.

Crocus, usually the first to bloom (in late winter/early spring), look like delicate cups of color sitting right atop the soil. Stunning when planted in clumps or drifts.

Dutch Iris have been a staple at the florist for many years. Make a statement with a large number of bulbs planted ‘shoulder to shoulder’ in a large hole, or mix some into the perennial garden.

We’re also getting the more unusual stuff, like ranunculus, anemone and sparaxis. The earlier you buy, the better the selection, so come by soon to check ’em out…..





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