Giant-flowered Begonia bulbs

The hottest flower bulbs in the nursery right now- begonias that will have extra-extra-large flowers. We make sure to grow the very biggest and world’s best, from AmeriHybrid bulbs from California.

Large plants with succulent leaves, and downright gigantic flowers. Begonias like the kind you would see back in the day at the county fair, winning ribbons for their showy perfection….

We are the last place around that we know of, still growing and featuring this old-fashioned flower. It’s our pleasure to offer plump and premium American-grown begonia bulbs and help you grow them, too.

Have a shade garden, filtered light, north-facing porch? These babies will still bloom for you with low-maintenance care.They are also happy in morning sun, or catching the final few hours of the day. Put ’em in pots, hanging baskets, beds- but put ’em up close where you can enjoy the colorful blooms!

Plant begonias in the shade (or morning sun), in nice rich soil. They will re-sprout every season in early spring. The routine is pretty simple to make them happy as they grow: water them regularly, apply flower food regularly. They will give you consistent color into fall, no other strings attached….


Come by and see these super-sized beauties for yourself- we’re happy to talk tubers with you:)

Old-Fashioned Lilacs

Nothing sweeter than fragrant lilacs in spring. Just snip a few of the clusters and bring them inside- mmmm….

This is the perfect time of year to get lilacs from the nursery. Look for sizeable plants with even, vigorous new buds and thick, strong branches. The flowers are traditionally lavender, but you also see them in pink, white, blue, wine red and even dark purple with white edges.

There are several reasons we love them:

Butterflies and other pollinators love the flowers as much as we do.

Deer tend to leave them alone.

Watering is minimal once established; I have one mature specimen that does beautifully with no irrigation at all.

Sun Exposure is something lilacs thrive upon. Bring on the heat! You can also grow them in partial sun.

Size is not massive, and easily controlled by pruning right after the bloomtime.

These can be really versatile, too. Grow them as a hedge to get masses of color, or feature a single specimen as a focal point in your landscape. Mix them into your butterfly garden. Put a few in pots to brighten up the deck in springtime. Harvest the flowers for plentiful bouquets, since they last quite long when cut.

Ours are extra fat this season, having had exceptionally cold winters the last few years. Lots of flowerbuds, and great selection right now, so stop by!

Peonies are Here!

We’ve got a nice big crop, ready to sprout! Our peonies will bloom beautifully this season- no waiting for years to see a flower. Ready to spring forth with lush foliage and plump buds, and ready to take home now so you can enjoy the unfurling springtime show.

Never grown peonies before? If you like to cut bouquets you will LOVE them! You gotta see these things in bloom…..

‘Takara’ Itoh peony

We are thrilled to grow peonies every year. Lush plants that have ripe, colorful buds, exotic leaves and breathtaking flowers.

‘Pink Double Dandy’

The peony has always been my dream flower, with it’s distinctive petals and sweet old-fashioned perfume- almost too perfect looking to be real! A photo doesn’t do this beauty proper justice, and if you’ve seen these blooms in reality you know how breathtaking they are.

We’ve got several different kinds right now, grown in large enough containers so as to readily bloom this year. They’re long-lived perennials that can give you lifelong bouquets, and will thrive here in Sonoma County with minimal care when planted properly.

Fat juicy buds

To start, choose a spot that gets full (or at least afternoon) sun. If you’re putting your peony in the ground, work lots of rich compost like Paydirt into the hole, and add some starter fertilizer like Masterstart. This will not only add proper nutrients like nitrogen and phospherous, but will also break up heavy clay soil and promote good drainage. If you’d like to plant in a container, that’s fine- just use Planting Mix straight from the bag, but don’t forget that starter fertilizer.

‘Bowl of Beauty’ bush peony

The most recently developed peonies are exceptionally lush and leafy, with loads of flowers and a more extended bloomtime than old-fashioned kinds. These are the intersectional hybrids called Itoh (eye-toe), a vigorous cross between bush-type and tree-type. You really get the best of both worlds here- flower colors and foliage like the exotic tree peonies, but with the bushier habit and sun tolerance of standard bush peonies.

Cut flower aficionados are just wild about the blooms- extra-large, long-lasting, fragrant, and just downright show-stopping! When you cut a budded stem that is beginning to open, it will continue blooming in the vase for quite a while. Gorgeous!

Cruise on in to check out of our peony selection, and while you’re here we can certainly answer your questions and/or help you pick out the right one for your garden.


Our 2018 Roses are Here! Look at What’s in Stock Now:

Our 2018 roses are here! We offer only top notch, grade #1 roses, potted into 5 gallon cans with premium soil. Come on in to pick up your favorites:

‘About Face’ grandiflora






‘Angel Face’ floribunda




‘Anna’s Promise’ grandiflora

36″ tree





‘Barbra Streisand’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree





‘Belinda’s Dream’ floribunda





‘Betty Boop’ floribunda






‘Bewitched’ hybrid tea

bush & 36″ tree





‘Boscobel’ English






‘Brandy’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree





‘Brilliant Pink Iceberg’ floribunda

24″ & 36” tree





‘Brother Cadfael’ English






‘Carding Mill’ English







‘Cecile Brunner’ climbing





‘Ch-ching!’ grandiflora






‘Chicago Peace’ hybrid tea






‘Chihuly’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree





‘Chris Evert’ hybrid tea





‘Chrysler Imperial’ hybrid tea





‘Colorific’ floribunda






‘Crescendo’ hybrid tea






‘Crown Princess Margareta’ English






‘Day Breaker’ floribunda






‘Dick Clark’ grandiflora






‘Distant Drums’ floribunda





‘Don Juan’ climbing






‘Doris Day’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree





‘Double Delight’ hybrid tea

bush & 36″ tree





‘Dream Come True’ grandiflora





‘Drop Dead Red’ floribunda

bush & 24″ tree





‘Easy Does It’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree






‘Easy Spirit’ floribunda






‘Ebb Tide’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree






‘Eglantyne’ English

36″ tree





‘Elina’ hybrid tea





‘England’s Rose’ English






‘The Fairy’ shrub





‘Falling in Love’ hybrid tea







  ‘Falstaff’ English






‘Firefighter’ hybrid tea






‘First Prize’ hybrid tea






‘Fourth of July’ climbing






‘Fragrant Cloud’ hybrid tea






‘Fragrant Plum’ grandiflora






‘Frida Kahlo’ floribunda






‘Gemini’ hybrid tea





‘The Generous Gardener’ English







‘Gentle Giant’ hybrid tea







‘George Burns’ hybrid tea





‘Gingersnap’ floribunda





‘Golden Celebration’ English






‘Golden Showers’ climbing





‘Gold Medal’ grandiflora






‘Good as Gold’ hybrid tea

36” tree






‘Grace’ English





‘Graham Thomas’ English





‘Grande Dame’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree





‘Heathcliff’ English






‘Heirloom’ hybrid tea






‘Henry Fonda’ hybrid tea






‘Honor’ hybrid tea






‘Hot Cocoa’ floribunda






‘Hot & Sassy’ patio tree

18″ tree





‘Iceberg’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree, and climbing






‘Ink Spots’ hybrid tea






‘In the Mood’ hybrid tea






‘Intrigue’ floribunda





‘John F. Kennedy’ hybrid tea






‘Joseph’s Coat’ climbing





‘Julia Child’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree





‘Just Joey’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree






‘Ketchup and Mustard’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree





‘Lady Emma Hamilton’ English





‘The Lady Gardener’ English






‘Lady of Shalott” English






‘Lasting Love’ hybrid tea






‘Lemon Drop’ patio tree

18″ tree





‘Let Freedom Ring’ hybrid tea





‘Livin’ Easy’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36” tree






‘Love’ grandiflora






‘Love Song’ floribunda

bush, 24” & 36” tree






‘Marilyn Monroe’ hybrid tea





‘Mary Rose’ English






‘Memorial Day’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree






‘Midas Touch’ hybrid tea






‘Miss Congeniality’ grandiflora

 bush & 36″ tree





‘Mister Lincoln’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree





 ‘Molineux’ English

 36″ tree





‘Moonstone’ hybrid tea





‘Neil Diamond’ hybrid tea






‘Neptune’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree






‘New Dawn’ climbing






‘New Zealand’ hybrid tea






‘Night Owl’ climbing






‘Octoberfest’ grandiflora







‘Oh My!’ floribunda

24” & 36″ tree






‘Olympiad’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree






‘Oranges ‘n’ Lemons’ shrub







‘Oregold’ hybrid tea






‘Over The Moon’ hybrid tea






‘Parade Day’ grandiflora





‘Peace’ hybrid tea





‘Pearly Gates’ climbing






‘Perfect Moment’ hybrid tea






‘Perfume Delight’ hybrid tea






‘Pillow Fight’ shrub

bush & 36″ tree






‘The Poet’s Wife’ English






‘Pope John Paul II’ hybrid tea





‘Pretty Lady Rose’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree






‘Purple Splash’ climbing






‘Purple Tiger’ floribunda





‘Queen Elizabeth’ grandiflora





‘Queen of Sweden’ English






‘Radiant Perfume’ grandiflora





‘Rio Samba’ hybrid tea







‘Rock & Roll’ grandiflora






‘Rosie the Riveter’ floribunda





‘Royal Jubilee’ English






 ‘Ruby Ruby’ miniature

 18″ tree





‘Sally Holmes’ climbing






‘Scentimental’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree






‘Secret’ hybrid tea





‘Sedona’ hybrid tea






‘Sexy Rexy’ floribunda






‘Sheila’s Perfume’ floribunda






‘Shockwave’ floribunda

24″ tree





‘Showbiz’ floribunda

24” tree






‘Sky’s the Limit’ climbing






‘Sparkle & Shine’ floribunda





‘St. Patrick’ hybrid tea





‘Stainless Steel’ hybrid tea





‘Strawberry Hill’ English






‘Strike It Rich’ grandiflora





‘Sugar Moon’ hybrid tea

bush & 36” tree






‘Sunset Celebration’ hybrid tea





‘Sunsprite’ floribunda

bush & 36″ tree





‘Take it Easy’ floribunda

24” tree






‘Tamora” English






‘Teasing Georgia’ English





‘Tess of the D’urbervilles’ English





‘Tiffany’ hybrid tea





‘Top Gun’ shrub





‘Tropicana’ hybrid tea





‘Trumpeter’ floribunda

bush & 36” tree






‘Twilight Zone’ grandiflora

bush & 36” tree






‘Vavoom’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree





‘Veteran’s Honor’ hybrid tea







‘Violet’s Pride’ floribunda

bush, 24″ & 36″ tree






‘Westerland’ climbing





‘White Licorice’ floribunda

bush & 24” tree






‘Windermere’ English








‘Wollerton Old Hall’ English

A Big Crop of Camellias, in Bloom Now

‘Pink-a-Boo’ camellia sasanqua

Boy, are we tending to some hogs right now…….

sasanqua perfection- ‘Kanjiro’

This crop of camellias are extra-vigorous, dark green and glossy, with plentiful buds that are starting to pop open. Back in the day these types of plants were called hogs, due to their voracious growth, robust size and top notch quality.

You can get the best selection right now, no slop required.

This is an ideal time to plant camellias. The roots will fill in nicely during these winter months, providing ample support for the plentiful flowers and new growth of the season ahead.

Use some Planting Mix straight out of the bag when you plant in pots, or incorporate Paydirt along with Planting Mix 50/50 with your native soil when installing them in the ground. It’s important to include a starter fertilizer or camellia food into this mix as well, so as to put nutrients right near the roots; this will encourage strong, fast-growing  new roots to form.

‘Debutante’ camellia japonica, just starting to open

Camellias are low maintenance and fairly drought tolerant once established. There are different types available to suit different planting sites- japonicas are generally shade-loving, while sasanquas will accept full sun as well as shade. Some, like the statuesque reticulatas, grow upright and tall, while others are meant to stay shorter and wider without trimming. Many will sport large, showy flowers, while others bear prolific clusters of bloom. We even have specialty espalier specimens on trellis and topiary tree camellias.

They’re one of those plants that is really versatile. I’ve seen them grown as a flower-filled hedge, as a stately specimen allowed to assume it’s natural form, even potted with colorful bedding plants beneath. I also enjoy cutting branches for flower arrangements, or floating a large blossom or two in a bowl on the table.

So if you’re hankering for a new hog, come take a peek in our pen………

‘Yuletide’ blooms just in time for the holidays

‘Setsugekka’ camellia sasanqua


The King’s Rose Garden

‘Midas Touch’, a hybrid tea

The roses are in full bloom!

‘Voodoo’ rose

We are the rose leaders! We only carry premium, grade #1 roses. They are planted, pruned and grown here at King’s-  get the plants, the things you need to plant them, and all the information to go along with it, right here.

Love is a red rose…

If you’re not sure which rose you’re looking for (or not that familiar with roses in general) here are some things to consider:

Location, location, location. Full sun or afternoon sun is best. Pick a spot that gets at least 6 hours a day for best vigor and flowering; any less than that and you may not see much color (and perhaps invite unwanted disease). Simply put, if you have a really shady garden this is not the best plant for you.

Size matters. Ever walked along a sidewalk that’s overgrown with roses? Not a pleasant experience….make sure to be aware of the plant’s expected size at maturity and put it where it can grow to full size. There are all different heights and sizes of roses, so you’re sure to find one that will appeal to you that fits a particular spot.

What’s your type? Choose a rose according to what you most enjoy- do you want to mainly view it in the landscape, will you want to regularly cut bouquets (or both)? Is fragrance important, or just the right color? There are so many types of flowers, in all kinds of colors- pointed, frilly, fully double, classic, open, clusters, single-stemmed. No need to settle!

‘Purple Splash’ climber

You’ll want to give roses regular water, but they don’t require a lot.  Consistent (monthly) fertilizer will keep the flowers coming, as will cutting off the spent blooms every week or two.

Contact us if you need to know anything rose related- we LOVE talking roses! Call us at (707) 542-4782 or come on in; we’re open every day 9-6 (9-5 on Sundays). (more…)

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