Pieris Japonica- showy!

Most days, while driving frantically to and fro, I don’t pay much attention to things that are growing within my view. The occasional bright yellow daffodil flower, orange poppies or glowing red leaves in the vineyard might catch my eye, but most days I’m focused on my destination rather than the journey itself.

Lately I’ve been noticing several of those kinds of plants- splashes of flowering glory……what I am talking about are early-season flowers, those newly opened signs of spring, many of which are really spectacular!

Gorgeous magnolias (tulip trees), pink and white flowering plum and cherry, brightly-colored quince, golden forsythia, potently fragrant wisteria. Lilacs for sweet-smelling bouquets. Old fashioned dogwood trees, covered in perfectly-formed flowers. Bare branches suddenly burst open with color, a dazzling display.

‘Amethyst Falls’ wisteria

In the shade garden are helleborus that are fully bloomed out, sturdy white flowers that will age to a wine color. Pieris are dripping with strands of hanging ‘bells’, and the camellias are going full blast, with new flowers opening every day.

And DAPHNE! The perfume alone stops me in my tracks, but the pretty evergreen leaves and girly pink flowerbuds are equally inspiring.

Black Tullip’ magnolia flower

Out front there are some evergreen vines that are starting to pop, like evergreen clematis and jasmine. Hardenbergia, or lilac vine, is also in full glory, with plentiful lavender sprays.

We have all this and more starting to bloom now in our nursery- come by and check out all your options for a show-stopping addition to your garden!

‘snow fountains’ weeping cherry