Nothing sweeter than fragrant lilacs in spring. Just snip a few of the clusters and bring them inside- mmmm….

This is the perfect time of year to get lilacs from the nursery. Look for sizeable plants with even, vigorous new buds and thick, strong branches. The flowers are traditionally lavender, but you also see them in pink, white, blue, wine red and even dark purple with white edges.

There are several reasons we love them:

Butterflies and other pollinators love the flowers as much as we do.

Deer tend to leave them alone.

Watering is minimal once established; I have one mature specimen that does beautifully with no irrigation at all.

Sun Exposure is something lilacs thrive upon. Bring on the heat! You can also grow them in partial sun.

Size is not massive, and easily controlled by pruning right after the bloomtime.

These can be really versatile, too. Grow them as a hedge to get masses of color, or feature a single specimen as a focal point in your landscape. Mix them into your butterfly garden. Put a few in pots to brighten up the deck in springtime. Harvest the flowers for plentiful bouquets, since they last quite long when cut.

Ours are extra fat this season, having had exceptionally cold winters the last few years. Lots of flowerbuds, and great selection right now, so stop by!