We’ve got a nice big crop, ready to sprout! Our peonies will bloom beautifully this season- no waiting for years to see a flower. Ready to spring forth with lush foliage and plump buds, and ready to take home now so you can enjoy the unfurling springtime show.

Never grown peonies before? If you like to cut bouquets you will LOVE them! You gotta see these things in bloom…..

‘Takara’ Itoh peony

We are thrilled to grow peonies every year. Lush plants that have ripe, colorful buds, exotic leaves and breathtaking flowers.

‘Pink Double Dandy’

The peony has always been my dream flower, with it’s distinctive petals and sweet old-fashioned perfume- almost too perfect looking to be real! A photo doesn’t do this beauty proper justice, and if you’ve seen these blooms in reality you know how breathtaking they are.

We’ve got several different kinds right now, grown in large enough containers so as to readily bloom this year. They’re long-lived perennials that can give you lifelong bouquets, and will thrive here in Sonoma County with minimal care when planted properly.

Fat juicy buds

To start, choose a spot that gets full (or at least afternoon) sun. If you’re putting your peony in the ground, work lots of rich compost like Paydirt into the hole, and add some starter fertilizer like Masterstart. This will not only add proper nutrients like nitrogen and phospherous, but will also break up heavy clay soil and promote good drainage. If you’d like to plant in a container, that’s fine- just use Planting Mix straight from the bag, but don’t forget that starter fertilizer.

‘Bowl of Beauty’ bush peony

The most recently developed peonies are exceptionally lush and leafy, with loads of flowers and a more extended bloomtime than old-fashioned kinds. These are the intersectional hybrids called Itoh (eye-toe), a vigorous cross between bush-type and tree-type. You really get the best of both worlds here- flower colors and foliage like the exotic tree peonies, but with the bushier habit and sun tolerance of standard bush peonies.

Cut flower aficionados are just wild about the blooms- extra-large, long-lasting, fragrant, and just downright show-stopping! When you cut a budded stem that is beginning to open, it will continue blooming in the vase for quite a while. Gorgeous!

Cruise on in to check out of our peony selection, and while you’re here we can certainly answer your questions and/or help you pick out the right one for your garden.